About us

we know how important it is to represent the Caribbean

Who we are...

We are just a bunch of friends of varying Caribbean nationalities and heritage.
Allan is our founder and owner as well as the designer.
Crystal is our queen of marketing. But she also has a more exhausting job of being Allan's wife


and Alyssa

are our brand ambassadors.

We have a strong loyalty and love of our homelands and by extension the rest of the Caribbean as well. We live, love, breathe and dress Caribbean – and you can too. Lime, fete, play mas and bruk out inn style - Caribbean lifestyle.



When you want a variety of fashionable Caribbean apparel, we have you covered

What we do...

We make a variety of themed Caribbean apparel and accessories that proudly represent the different Caribbean countries and cultures. Our designs are all unique and fashionable. If you want a T-Shirt saying “I Love Jamaica” or “Trini to the bone” you can get that in a random gift shop. We provide something more stylish but meaningful at the same time.

You want quality clothing that’s loud and boldly displaying where you’re from? We have you covered.
You want stylish clothing with a more subtle nod to your homeland? We have you covered.

When you want a variety of patriotic Caribbean clothing and accessories, we have you covered




For ALL of us

Why we do it...

For the diaspora. We found that Caribbean based folk living abroad simply didn’t have easy access to quality patriotic wear. We feel that there should be no effort required for the diaspora to represent their home while away from home. And that they have stylish, quality options to do so with. Their national pride should not have to diminish because they are no longer home.

For the nationals still in their homeland. Those in the Caribbean still want to represent. Whether in the gym, on the beach or for Carnival we know first hand the pride involved in displaying your loyalty. So we wanted to provide an outlet for them to access clothing that represents home even while they are at home.

We do it for that Bajan experiencing winter for the first time, missing that Barbados warmth. Gear up with our Hoodies and Socks

We do it for the Grenadian diasporan going out to meet friends on a weekend. To make them gawk and ask “Where did you get that T-Shirt?”

We do it for the Trini woman in a carnival season outside of Trinidad and Tobago. For her to show she is no newcomer to the experience. Wear it with our leggings.

We do it for the St Lucian at home on the beach. For them to say this is MY land. Try our tank tops.

For the Jamaican, Antiguan, Bahamian, Vincy, Dominican, Guyanese, Kittitian and Nevisian,  Haitian… for ALL of us.

 The Brooklyn Nets' Brooklynettes Representing Barbados with our very own Barbados Crop Top



No Intention of Stopping

When we started...

We launched Properttees Caribbean Clothing in mid 2016. We are always looking to expand and have no intention of stopping. Ever.



Enjoy your Fashionable Caribbean Clothing!

How are we doing?

We have over 1,000 Caribbean themed clothing and accessories representing 24 different Caribbean countries. With thousands of orders across the world our average product rating is 4.5 Stars! See the customer reviews. for what our customers are saying about us.


It's easy to order. All orders are placed on this website. Use the menu at the top of the page to select what you want.


We also do customized designs by request and provide wholesale rates. Just message us directly from the chat on this website or email us at info@properttees.com. We respond to ALL messages.