Why we provide Caribbean clothing...

Why we provide Caribbean clothing...

National pride and Caribbean beauty; inspired the idea for Properttees, which started in June of 2016. Whether at national holidays, festivals, or sporting events, there was a need for quality patriotic apparel for the Caribbean region.

We are friends with varying Caribbean nationalities with a strong sense of loyalty to our homeland and the rest of the Caribbean. With our hidden talents coming to life in design, modeling, and marketing - we were able to pour our passion into this venture and build a base for people looking to wear their love for country.

That's why Properttees provides proper or genuine Caribbean clothing while representing our identity, whether at home or abroad. We know our regional brothers and sisters crave a little piece of home away from home while studying, working, or even permanently living abroad.

Contact Properttees 24/7 via our Facebook instant messenger on this site or info@properttees.com.

BIG UPS! Reviews on the best Caribbean clothing

The amount of compliments I received from beginning to end of my Jouvert. I recommended everyone to your website ... Thanks again

THANK YOU for showing off our GORGEOUS Caribbean people in all their glory and diversity!

Great products: comfortable, soft. Well crafted designs. Made to last at a good price. Prompt delivery service as promised.

I absolutely loved the item!

I ordered 5 shirts for my wife, son plus my niece and nephews. The quality of the shirts are good and the sizes fit perfectly. I would recommend the shirt for anyone who wants a stylish t-shirt.

I love the fit and material.

The women's shirt was sold out. Ordered the men's, still cute.

Shorts are very nice and made well.

Perfect fit!

Unlike other mask providers, I like the adjustable toggle. It’s more manageable.

Perfect hat for a Bahamian who trying to keep a low profile. Lol.

Great quality.

Thank you very much.

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The Brooklynettes

The Brooklyn Nets' Brooklynettes sporting our very own Barbados crop top in a dance routine. This was for a game against the LA Clippers on what the Nets called Barbados night.